Dedicated to the Highest Safety Standards

Since day one, Merit has made safety our highest priority. We’re fully committed to our proactive, award-winning safety program and are proud to be a leader in construction safety in the state of Iowa.

By setting aggressive safety goals and expectations—and by making “safety first” a condition of employment—we’ve created a company culture where every team member values our dedication to continuous safety improvement.

Safety Awards & Recognition

Iowa OSHA and Master Builders of Iowa (MBI) have presented Merit with the Outstanding Safety Achievement Award. This is the most prestigious construction industry award in Iowa. It encourages and recognizes significant achievements in workplace safety.

Merit has also received the National Safety Council’s Occupational Excellence Achievement Award for the construction industry. We were selected for the honor, in part, due to Merit’s six straight years with no lost time due to injuries.

Company safety goals:

  • Zero injuries
  • Drug-free workplace
  • Employee accountability
  • Employee empowerment to identify and immediately correct unsafe conditions

Safety communication channels:

  • Frequent safety training at all levels
  • Staff and superintendent safety meetings including frequent site safety audits
  • Weekly Toolbox Safety Talks cover basic safety rules as well as specific topics like electrical safety and power tool usage
  • On-site safety training through videos, demonstrations and hands-on practice
  • Safety memos and company newsletter articles
  • Incident/injury reviews
  • On-site reference materials, including OSHA 1926 Construction Safety
  • Standards, 350-page Company Safety Manual and MSDS book

Comprehensive safety requirements:

  • Written safety rules and responsibilities
  • Full OSHA compliance
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Hazard prevention and control through job safety analysis (JSA)
  • Emergency planning/preparation and medical assistance program
  • Safety training and education for every employee (Merit employees average 32 hours of safety training and education each year)
  • Specific safety programs for hazard communication, respiratory protection, confined-space entry and lockout/tagout and blood-borne illness protectionDaily site safety inspections

Meet Our Safety Director

In 1993, Merit Construction took the initiative as a leader in the construction industry by creating a director-level position for safety and training. David McInroy is responsible for the development and implementation of all corporate safety and health programs, compliance and enforcement of OSHA regulations, as well as site safety audits and training. Of course everyone wants a safe jobsite, but you may wonder how that directly affects you, the Owner. Our safety culture saves you money!

Dave McInroy

As Safety Director, Dave develops and implements the company’s programs for safety and health, environmental compliance, and drug testing. He conducts employee safety and orientation training and jobsite safety inspections and audits. He also consults on project safety.

Dave earned a BA in Industrial Technology from the University of Northern Iowa with an emphasis in supervision, management and (no surprise here) Industrial Safety.

Dave has served on several Master Builders of Iowa safety/employee training committees and task forces, and is past chair of the organization’s 49-member Safety Committee.

In his free time, Dave collects safety-related antiques including old fire extinguishers, first aid kits and safety glasses. His biggest feeling of job satisfaction comes when everyone goes home safely at the end of each day.