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"Safety first" is standard operating procedure and a condition of employment at Merit. At Merit’s founding, company leaders committed to an aggressive and proactive safety program. We’ve been an Iowa leader in construction safety ever since. Merit’s program works because safety goals, expectations and requirements are communicated clearly on a company-wide basis. Continuous safety improvement is an essential part of our strategic planning and our Total Quality Management culture.
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Merit means one-source responsibility. Merit follows a proven, carefully structured process to guide project management activities in all phases of construction. During the pre-construction phase, we focus on the following…
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Merit delivers value long before we break ground on your project. We answer inquiries quickly and develop accurate, realistic estimates so that each project can start off right. The value analysis we provide helps ensure two things: you end up with the kind of building you want and you get the best return for your investment.
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Merit has a well-earned reputation for delivering a quality project on time and on budget. We’re committed to maintaining the excellent on-time completion record we’ve built over many years of service.
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