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Bill Hyde Bill Hyde

Joined the company in May 2003.

Like so many of his fellow jobsite Superintendents, Bill is clearly the opposite of the old saying, “All hat and no cattle.” He believes in making his actions speak far louder than words.

Bill takes a special interest in the challenge of coordinating the various trades throughout every job he works on. The ultimate pay-off for him in meeting that challenge is knowing that the owner is pleased at the end of the day.

A man of the earth, Bill is familiar with both farm and field. Most weekends you can find him working on his farm. And when he’s not doing that, he’s off hunting with his coyote hounds. If he had an extra hour in the day, he’d spend it fishing.

Bill takes care of business in everything he does.

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Jim Kremer Jim Kremer

Joined the company in May 2014.

In 18 years of running his own construction company, Jim worked with Merit on several projects. He’s glad now to be part of the team as a Superintendent.

He came to us with more than two decades of construction work under his toolbelt. He also has a University of Iowa degree in psychology. So he knows the business and has a solid understanding of people and teamwork. He supervises jobs at the site and enjoys the challenge of keeping everyone working toward a shared goal.

Jim serves on the Aurora Community Club board, volunteers as a fireman and is active in his church. His passions are reading, gardening and golf. He’s likely to be found doing one of those three things when he’s not organizing and cleaning his shop. Best of all, he loves spending time with his family.

He has a fear of heights, yet Jim hasn’t let that stop him from a long career in construction or even from doing a couple of parachute jumps.

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Kris Ehlinger Kris Ehlinger

Joined the company in April 2001.

Kris completed Kirkwood Community College’s Construction Technology Program.

During his four years of high school he worked as a supervisor at Shopko. Kris credits this experience for helping him develop leadership skills. Six months were spent working in Loss Prevention for the company. “That is where I began understanding the importance of safety in the workplace,” he says.

It’s Kris’ job to ensure that staff and subcontractors are on site producing the quality craftsmanship that Merit and the client expect—while doing so in a safe and timely manner.

The biggest job challenge for Kris is scheduling. Some portions of a project need multiple contractors involved. Keeping everyone on task and on time is essential so the next contractor can step in and complete their portion of the work without delay.

The best part of his job is the smile on the owner’s face when they see the completed project.

Kris has a passion for lists. (Yes, seriously.) His rationale: “I like to have lists of what I need and/or want to do so that when I have extra time, I can refer to it and get something done. I can very easily be a lazy person, but I can only be lazy if I have accomplished something that day.”

On the weekend you’ll likely find Kris spending time with friends and family. Or he might be tackling a “honey do” list.

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Randy Schinstock Randy Schinstock

Joined the company in August 1985.

While some folks think Randy is a Merit Superintendent, others know the truth—he’s a Merit Juggler. Randy can adeptly keep many balls in the air—overseeing safety, organizing trades, creating a work schedule with the project manager, communicating with the owner and architect and ordering materials. When needed, he is also the peace officer.

Randy attended Indian Hills Community College, where he focused on building trades, learning basic electrical, plumbing, drafting, blueprint reading, masonry and carpentry. While he’s never appeared on America’s Got Talent, he did compete in a national college plumbing competition.

Randy gets excited about the latest and greatest in construction, like concrete countertops and woodworking. His biggest work challenges are subcontractors’ safety and seeing that a job is done right. He finds a lot of satisfaction in closing a job that is well done.

When he’s not on the job, Randy is often on the field—or court—attending kids’ basketball, baseball and softball games and tournaments. Randy also coaches softball (12-year-olds), helps with breakfast at St. Alphonsus and volunteers for the Old Threshers Reunion each fall.

If he could squeeze an extra hour out of the day, he’d spend it helping kids with sports.

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Rick Brown Rick Brown

Joined the company in 1989.

Rick wears many hats, including construction coordinator, safety monitor, HR person, teacher, motivator, communicator, drywall framer, keeper of fire protection and inspector of electrical, plumbing and HVAC. And that’s the condensed list!

His biggest challenge is influencing tradesmen to work cohesively so they can start and complete their tasks on time.

With 25 years of commercial construction experience under his (tool) belt, Rick feels a great deal of satisfaction when he takes an idea and turns it into reality.

He believes in giving back to the community and shares this sense of duty with his family. Since 1998, Rick has volunteered for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. His wife and children participate on a team and his wife and daughter served on the event committee with Rick in 2003.

Rick has a passion for history and old cars. On the weekend you might find him in the garage working on his ’70 Rebel or helping his son with his ’71 Gremlin. Then again, he might be helping his wife with yard work or (most likely) searching for a place to take a nap without being found.

If Rick had an extra hour in the day, he’d spend it with his children before they grow up and become adults.

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