About Us

Accounting Team

Accounting Team

Merit is dedicated to serving each client through unwavering commitment to our mission, values and vision. As your builder, we are committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. We manage the construction process by assembling a team of local professionals with skills and experience tailored to your construction project requirements.

We will use the highest standard of craftsmanship and quality to manage the construction process, from conception to delivery and beyond. We dedicate ourselves to understanding and serving each client’s needs.



We value our employee-owners and strive to create an environment that inspires them to grow to their fullest potential. Employee-owners are encouraged to give back to the community where we work and live by dedicating time, services and expertise to charitable organizations.

Business Conduct
We will earn the trust and respect of our clients by conducting our business honestly, ethically and fairly. We will use our skills to be innovative and competitive on behalf of our clients.

We will maintain a safe workplace. We will be good stewards of nature and the environment.

Our vision is to be the premier provider of quality construction services in our marketplace.

We develop an understanding of each client’s needs to help them arrive at the best value decisions for their investment.

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